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Policies and Procedures


Learning how to swim is a defining and memorable experience in your child's life. Our passionate instructor, Mrs. Angela is here to make sure it is a positive experience for all. Through our private lessons or group classes for infants and toddlers, warm water, individual attention and passionate for working with children with different abilities, we are committed to teaching all swimmers to love the water, swim safe and swim for life!

All families are required to fill out a registration form per swimmer. All families are to review, agree to and sign our Acknowledgment of Reading and Understanding of Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC Policies and Procedures, Swimming Pool Waiver and Release of Liability Form Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement forms. Due to the high demand and limited spaces for swim lessons, all families must pay their fees in full prior to starting their scheduled swim lesson.
Private Swim Lesson Payment Policy
•    Private lessons are $310 per week per swimmer. You may pay online on the website. 
•    All swim lessons must be paid for in full when you register. 
•    We will send a confirmation email each time to ensure all payments are cleared.
•    Private swim lessons are 30 minutes per session and fall between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
•    Saturdays are also reserved for make-up classes. (See Cancellation/Make-up Policies)

Water Baby/Toddler Lesson Payment Policy

•    Water Baby/Toddler classes are $155 for 8 classes per swimmer. 
•     You may pay online on the website. 
•    All swim lessons must be paid for in full when you register. 
•    We will send a confirmation email each time to ensure all payments are cleared.
•    Water Baby Classes are 30 minutes per session on Saturdays with specific class time per age group.


Angela’s Swim Lessons. LLC Cancelation Policy

To reduce last minute cancellations and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to schedule lessons, we have created a cancellation policy that we will strictly enforce.
Any refunds granted will be done within 4 weeks of when the refund was initiated. 
We guarantee to provide five (5) classes during a week session. If Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC closes for an emergency or inclement weather, every effort will be made to reschedule the class time. 
For the convenience of all of our clients and those waiting for a spot, we do not hold class spaces when your child is not fully registered and/or have not paid their fees in full. When cancellations occur at the last minute, we are unable to fill your spot with others who are waiting in line.
No make-ups or refunds for unexcused classes missed by a student are offered.

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons: once the full balance of the private lesson has been taken, it is considered a confirmed lesson.  If situations arise and you can no longer attend your private lesson, you must give the Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC the following notice, listed below, to reschedule your private lesson(s). Notice less than required hours’ notice listed below will not be granted a reschedule.  All private lesson fees are non-refundable.

We understand that there are times when advance notification is not possible, and we are willing to work with those who are faced with extraordinary circumstances beyond their control (natural disasters, sudden emergencies, etc.) We understand unplanned occurrences happen, especially with little ones. For your convenience, we allow cancellation of classes and make-ups if/and when slots are available.

•    If a scheduled week of lessons needs to be canceled or rescheduled, the instructor needs 1 week’s prior notice to fill your spot. If your spot can be filled, you can request a full refund. If your spot can not be filled, there will be no refund as we are obligated to pay the instructor for that scheduled time.

•    If a single scheduled lesson needs to be canceled or rescheduled, the instructor must be notified at least 24-48 hours before the scheduled lesson. This notification must be made during our normal business hours 8 am -8 pm. 
•    Any cancellations or schedule changes made after the designated time will result in the normal lesson charge. Once again, we are obligated to pay for the instructor's scheduled time.  
•    If you need to reschedule a lesson the same day without prior notice, you will be charged for the original lesson as well as the rescheduled appointment.

•    In those unfortunate occurrences where more than one day is needed for a medical cancellation, a letter from a doctor or hospital explaining the student is not able to swim for a period of time is required. However, a specific diagnosis or any medical information is not necessary out of respect for your privacy. we will allow make up sessions and/or a refund. 

Swim Lesson Inclement Weather Policy

Rain does not cancel a lesson!!!! All swim lessons will occur rain or shine. Lessons continue when it is raining unless we have thunder and lightning present or the bottom of the pool is not visible. Weather cancellations are often made at the last minute due to fluctuations and quickly changing weather patterns. The instructor will text participants approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled swim lesson if lessons are to be canceled due to inclement weather if possible. Note: Every effort will be made to make-up the lesson on a Saturday.

Please do not call the instructor’s cell phone as no one is available until after pool hours 8 am – 8 pm). Feel free to text as that is a faster way to get a response from the instructor. Participants can also check the Angela’s Swim Lessons and Water Aerobics Facebook page for cancellations. The the Angela’s Swim Lessons and Water Aerobics Facebook page will be the first thing updated before a text is sent to each participant. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook for the most current updates.
If you feel the weather is not suitable for a lesson due to wind and/or cold temperatures, please send a text to the instructor as the weather may not affect the lesson due to our location. Ex. It could be raining at your house and not at the pool!) The instructor may text or call you to notify you about inclement weather before a scheduled lesson. 
If there is thunder or lightning all swim lessons are canceled until 30 minutes after the thunder or lighting has stopped. Note: Every effort will be made to make up that lesson if slots are available; however, Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC has limited slots available.

If the lessons are cancelled, the contact number will receive a call. If the contact number does not receive a call, then assume the lessons still on. Lessons may not be cancelled until right before the lesson is to start as the weather here in unpredictable.

Swim Lesson Late Policy 

•    All participants in lessons or classes should arrive 10 minutes early prior to the scheduled start time. This is so you can get changed, put on sunscreen, use the restroom, etc. Swimmers should be ready and in the pool by the scheduled time.   

•    All thirty-minute lessons will end thirty minutes after the scheduled start time, whether you were late to get in or not. This is to ensure that the next lesson your instructor has scheduled starts on time. 
•    If a participant is more than 15 minutes late the lesson will be cancelled and the participant will be charged for the lesson. If the participant is less than 15 mins. late the instructor will not go over the designated time, but finish out whatever is left in their scheduled hour/half hour. 
A lesson is considered complete when a student completes 15 minutes of a 30-minute lesson (if less than 15 minutes is complete then every effort will be made to make up that lesson. 

Make-Up Lessons
Please be aware that because of the nature of our program, time slots are limited and there is NO guarantee that a make-up lesson will be provided to a student who misses due to illness or other circumstances, even when advance notice is provided. There will be NO make-up classes offered for a student who is a no show to their scheduled class time.
As a result of the limited time openings, you must agree to one of the time slots that are provided. We will not accept requests on the time slots for make-up lessons. Make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled.



COVID Safe Swim Lesson Plan
If you are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, all clients must inform the instructor as soon as possible. All lessons will be postponed until they are safe to resume. All clients will be informed if the instructor has Covid-19 symptoms and lessons will be postponed until it safe to resume. 
Before Coming to the Facility for All Swim Families

  • Complete the self-screening. See self-screening checklist (below).

  • Temperatures may be taken at instructor’s request.

  • Be swim-ready (suit, goggles, towel, pool deck footwear).

  • We will not have goggles to share at this time. Please bring your own. Do not bring swim/dive masks that cover the nose or are made from glass. 

  • We will provide other required swim equipment and sanitize equipment before the next class as needed.

  • Shoes are required on the pool deck.  Please bring your pool footwear to use out on the pool deck and parking lot area. Bare feet are not acceptable.

  • Bring face covering (mask). This is required for ages 5 years and older and encouraged for ages 2-4 years. Once on the pool deck and no other swim family is present, you may remove your face covering (mask).

  • Please arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time.

  • To help prevent overcrowding, only one parent/guardian for up to three lesson participants in the facility are allowed. Please do not bring others to the facility unless you have cleared this with the instructor.


Private Swimming Lesson Policies and Procedures 
Class Procedures For children age 18 and under, a parent/guardian must be present on the pool deck during the scheduled swim lesson. A parent/guardian is not permitted in the water with their child during lessons, except for a parent/child lesson. To limit distractions and interruptions, please refrain from interfering with swim lessons. 

PLEASE BE SURE TO CUT ALL NAILS AND TOENAILS BEFORE COMING TO SWIM LESSONS. Little one’s nails are like razors!!! Check nails often s they grow fast! 

Please put your child’s hair up and out of her/his face if it is long!!!! This is for both male and female swimmers. Consider a bathing cap (optional) if hair is too thick and/or you prefer your hair not to get wet.

Restrooms: Children should use the restroom before the start of their lesson. Children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper. Swim instructors and other aquatics staff are not permitted to take children to the restroom. A parent/guardian must be available in the event a child needs to use the restroom during class. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied to the bathroom.
Food is NOT permitted on the pool deck at the Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC facility. Water bottles are permitted on the pool deck. All other food and beverages may be eaten at the picnic area ONLY! Please pick up any trash to avoid ants and other wild life critters!

In order for swimmers and/or their other family members to use the playground equipment these rules must be followed to make our playground a safer space for all children:

  1. There must be an adult with each child or group of children on the playground at all times. Any problems should be reported to the adults in charge.

  2. No pushing, shoving, or hitting.

  3.  Take turns to use equipment, even if it means patiently waiting in line.

  4. No oversize clothing, hoodies, or clothes with drawstrings are allowed on the playground.

  5. Children should only use equipment intended for their age.

  6. Be extra careful on climbing equipment and never touch anyone who is climbing. Wait your turn instead of trying to climb, too.

  7. No running or playing tag or chase games on or around playground equipment.

  8. When you get on or off equipment, make sure there is no one in the way.

  9. Touch the playground equipment before you start to play. If it is wet, hot, or cold, do not play. Tell an adult.

  10. Use the equipment as it is intended to be used. Ask an adult if you’re not sure how to use a piece of equipment.


Failure to follow these rules will result in no playground usage. 
Please clean up any toys used in play kitchen area and leave facility cleaner than you found it!!


Preparing kids for swimming lessons on their first dip is a great idea. Young children can often be a bit nervous about starting something new.
The thought of meeting new people or being in a new place is not always easy. For parents, even more so for new parents, this might feel like a daunting experience too.


The checklist below will help in preparing kids for swimming. It can help to ensure that both you and your child are ready to get down to the pool and into the first lesson feeling confident you are fully prepared.

  1. Help your child get used to being in the water. The best way of doing this is in the bath. Sing songs that they know and play games with floating toys which will help to put them at ease and make the idea of being in water fun.

  2. When you go to choose a swim suit, refer to the color guide below and let your child help you pick for them. Tell them why they will be wearing it and get them to try it on with a swim diaper (if needed). You could even do this in the bath so they get used to the feeling of the swim suit and/or swim diaper when it is wet. It may seem a small thing but helps in preparing kids for swimming lessons.

  3. Take your child down to the pool before the first lesson. This lets them get used to a new place so they are not shocked when their first lesson comes around.

  4. If you can, meet with the swimming teacher so your child will remember them at the first lesson. This might not always be possible, but arranged times can be made to help new or nervous swimmers.

  5. Double-check the date and time well in advance. You want to give yourself a little extra time to get to the pool and get changed. Being rushed will only get you and your child flustered.

  6. Make sure you let the instructor know about any medical conditions, injuries or special needs your child might have before the lesson. Also, indicate any issues on registration form.

  7. Make sure your child has had something to eat in advance of their lesson, but don’t give them a huge meal. Just a light snack to help maintain energy levels. Some dried fruit or nuts is a good choice. NO DAIRY PRODUCTS before they swim! 

  8. EXPLAIN to your child, that EVERYONE must ask permission to enter the pool gate. This is so instructor knows who is on the pool deck.

  9. EXPLAIN to your child he/she must sit on rug in front of pool steps, until instructor is ready for him/her to enter the pool.


Please join us 10 minutes prior to your class time on your first day. This will giv
e you and your swimmer a minute to acclimate to your new swim school. Once you’re in the swing of things, arriving 5-10 minutes works for most families. Most importantly, be sure your swimmer is ready to swim on time.
Please do not block shop garage door.
Please make sure you have completed all of your account registration information.


We ask all swimmers and visitors to wear a mask when not swimming until instructor deems ok to remove mask. We ask all swimmers to bring the following:
•    A swimsuit. Please be sure the swim suit is washed and clean. If swim suit has been in lake or ocean without being wash, can mess up pool chemicals. 
•    A towel
•    Shoes to wear to and from the car. NO water shoes will be worn in vinyl pool.
•    Sunscreen and/ or swim shirt
•    Ear plugs (if needed)
•    Swimmers ages 3 and up to bring goggles or a mask that does NOT cover the nose
•    Bring your own hand sanitizer
•    A swim cap (optional). Swim caps help keep swimmer’s hair out of their way and keep their goggles on! It also cuts down on hair in the pool drain!
•    All swimmers under the age of 3 years (and those who are not fully potty trained) must wear a reusable diaper and/or in addition to a disposable swim diaper. Reusable diaper must fit snug to prevent poop escaping!
Please DO NOT bring: toys, nose plugs, masks that cover the nose, puddle jumpers, floaties, water wings or life vest.

Parents may sit on pool deck. Chairs are there for your comfort, but we ask you to please pick up the chairs to move them. DO NOT DRAG CHAIRS. Return chairs to their rightful place. DO NOT allow children to stand or jump on chairs. There are times parents are asked to move to another designated area not to distract swimmer. We ask parents to not join us in the pool area unless we’re showing off your swimmer’s skills in a special Splash-N-Show lesson or you are in a Parent/Infant or Toddler class. We’ve found that this approach helps students stay focused improving their progression and skill retention. We ask parents to watch their child’s lesson from the designated viewing area on deck and not interrupt the instructor. Parents or caregivers are always required to stay on the premises during les3sons.

5 Ways to Make Starting Swim Lessons Easier with Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC

1. Getting your little one excited about getting in the pool. Talking to your child and letting them know what they can expect the night before lessons start is a great way to help ease the fear of meeting a new person, and getting in to the water for the first time!
2. Keep calm, even if they don’t. It’s common for new students have a fear of the water if they’re new to getting in the pool. For their first few days, students with a fear will look to their parents for a reference on how to respond to this fear. With your instructor’s help, reassuring your student that they are safe will help turn their fear into a love for the water!
3. Go BIG with your encouragement. Encouraging and congratulating your student even on the smallest accomplishments will help build their confidence in the water and ultimately make them a better swimmer.
4. Get to your lessons a few minutes early on the first day. Taking a look at the pool and even watch the last few minutes of the lesson ahead of you will help your student get excited about learning to swim. Typically arriving 10 minutes early is a good window to get settled prior to lessons starting.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Even if your practice consists of blowing a few bubbles at bath time, it helps! This is another exercise that can help boost your swimmer’s confidence and help encourage quicker results!


COVID-19 Student Daily Participation Checklist 

Each day prior to arriving, you must perform and agree to COVID-19 Student Daily Participation Checklist. Face coverings are required in all indoor spaces, except in the pool. 

Please be sure that your child is not exhibiting any of the following symptoms associated with COVID-19: 

  • Fever of 100.4°F or greater o Cough o

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

  • Fatigue 

  • Muscle or body aches 

  • Headache 

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose 

  • Nausea or vomiting 

  • Diarrhea

Be sure you and your child:

  • Has not been in close contact with anyone within the last 14 days who has been quarantined or isolated due to COVID-19. 

  • Has not been advised by any medical provider or health authority that I may have been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Has not traveled out of the country in the past 30 days, or been in close contact with anyone who has traveled out of the country in the past 30 days. Has not

  • You understand that youth and adults are to wear a face covering when indoors (ages 5 and under are exempt). 

  • You understand that in the case that I am notified that I may have been exposed to COVID-19 or start to exhibit any of the symptoms above while participating, I will immediately halt all participation where I am in contact with others, notify my coach/instructor, and vacate the premises.

Covid Policy
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