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I have been swimming since I was a very young child and have always loved being in the water. Although, I never had formal lessons myself, I joined the swim team at age 6 and started lifeguarding at age 16. Soon after becoming a lifeguard, I began teaching swim lessons and have continued to do so for the past 40 years. I teach swimming because I think it is a very important lifesaving skill to have. 

  • Angela’s Swim Lessons, LLC is fully insured•    

  • All instructors are CPR & First Aid certified

I have a degree in Speech Language Pathology and a minor in Learning Disabilities. I coached Special Olympics and worked with adapted aquatics for many years. I currently hold my First Aid, and CPR-AED certificates.

I am an outgoing and friendly person with a deep love for children. As a swim instructor, I am nurturing and patient, but stern when needed. I have special way to ease one’s fears and encourage them to try new swim skills while having fun. As for my more experienced swimmers, I will push them to improve their swimming techniques to become stronger swimmers. With all my students, I focus on increasing each student’s confidence in the water, teach technique before speed and endurance and make sure that my students know lifesaving survival skills, which I believe are crucial, before perfecting strokes so that they can be safe in the water at all times. 

I have over 35 years of experience teaching people who have physical or developmental disabilities how to swim. I have worked in a variety of aquatic settings such as community and private pools engaging in aquatic therapy programs, educational pool therapy as part of the school and recreational swimming criteria.

Each one of my swimmers has different abilities, therefore, I do like to take a holistic and personal approach to instructing by focusing on the individual’s needs and goals. I try to incorporate as much fun as possible into the lesson, while my students learn and perfect new swimming skills, such as stroke development.

I also make sure that my students can perform one skill before moving on to the next, so that they do not become overwhelmed. I encourage parents to communicate with me about their child’s progress and/or goals that they would like their child to meet.


Safe Swim,

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