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Beach Ball in Pool

Swimming Season Is On

Angela offers Swim Lessons for every age, and Water Aerobics for adults over 18. 

Register March 1, 2024

May, June, July, & August

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Swim Lessons

My programs are based on my years of experience in teaching in and out of the pool.


My program begins with Parents and Child Aquatics (GOLDFISH) and continues through Level VII (DOLPHINS). Please see descriptions below for each level of swimming. I will evaluate each child the first day of class to determine which skills need to be addressed as each child learns at a different rate. I strongly encourage parents to emphasize learning new skills and improving on existing skills. Over-emphasizing that children pass levels can lead to disappointment and discouraged youth. It is also important to work with your child on the skills he/she has learned in my lessons! Practice makes perfect!


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Goldfish Level

3 Months - 2 Years

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Angela's Swim Lessons and Aerobics TURTLES young swimming lessons.png

Otters Level

2 1/2 - 5 Years

Turtles Level

6-10 Years

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Dolphins Level

10+ Years

Aerobics Classes


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We offer a variety of lessons for all ages, starting at 3 months.  

Please visit our Swim Lessons Level page for more details

Aerobic Class in Pool

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics Classes are for anyone over 18 years old.  Bring a towel and a water bottle and leave the rest to Angela! 

Tuesday & Thursday


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Meet Angela

Angela has been teaching swim lessons and water aerobics for 40 years.   

Learn More 

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